Knox.Signage.Clear.Sticker Knox.Signage.SOLD.StickerKnox Signage Sticker Business Card

Vinyl stickers are very popular for branding, display messages, warning sign, marketing purposes or even personal use. It is cost effective and can be applied on any smooth surfaces such as glass window, door, metal, wall, board, etc. With our computerised plotter, we are able to produce almost any custom shapes and sizes to suit your need. Our high quality vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Commonly used for Real Estate SOLD / LEASED / AUCTION signs, promotional handout, logo and open hours sign on glass door or window, machine labelling, sticker business card and much more.

Available in

  • Media: full color digital printed vinyl, color vinyl, clear / frosted vinyl stickers
  • Print: front or reverse print for inside out application
  • Shape: die cut to custom shapes
  • Size: custom sizes

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