Visualisation speaks louder than words. 

Whether you’re trying to grab attention, to communicate your brand and products, to create imagination of potential customer, to provide a calm and relaxing room, to foster positive energy and boost motivation, or simply to showcase memories/history, soft or bold statement, UNIQUE experience is what you’re after.

How can you achieve that? 

Wall Mural offers quick custom unique look to any bland wall without having to spend too much. With access to thousand of stock images to choose from, you can easily create the immediate and long lasting impact you’re after. If none satisfy, use your personal photos or graphic designer/ digital photographer can work with you to achieve personal high resolution image that suits your need best.

Some business but not limited to, who may benefit from wall mural:

  • Retail
  • Corporate / Office
  • School / Daycare Centers / University & College
  • Medical Clinic: dental, beauty skin care, etc.
  • Gym
  • Restaurant / Cafe / Bar
  • Hotel
  • Salon / Spa
  • Aged Care

Our high quality materials offer easy* installation and removability without damaging your wall: self-adhesive vinyl, self-adhesive fabric, pre-pasted PVC free wallpaper. Each material provides different feel, appearance and durability.

Contact us and see how we can help you decide which theme and material that suits you best.

*Professional installer is recommended.