• Bedroom wall is too plain? Need a refreshing ambience and atmosphere?
  • Looking for personality and special touch to living/family or game room?
  • Need a creative and imaginative space for kids room? or even a “man cave”?
  • Wish for a warm and welcoming touch in the heart and gathering place, kitchen and dining?

Relaxing, inspiring, calming, welcoming, personal… that what your home is.


Wall Mural, your simple solution to create big impact without emptying your saving. You can instantly transform ANY room with your chosen image that suit your style and personality to eye-catching interior space. From classical to modern, nature to city theme, we have access to thousand of images to choose from. If want more personal touch, send us your picture or graphic designer / digital photographer can work with you to achieve the best for your room.

Our high quality materials offer easy* installation and removability without damaging your wall: self-adhesive vinyl, self-adhesive fabric, pre-pasted PVC free wallpaper. Each material provides different feel, appearance and durability.

Contact us now and see how we can help you decide which theme and material that suits you best.

*Professional installer is recommended.